Music Tips

I love vinyl! I play old 78’s that crackle like a warm fire. I have a Bob Crosby LP on red vinyl from the forties! I have old sound effects records, more Barry Manilow than anyone I know and about 80 Burl Ives recordings. Also plenty of jazz, some punk, funk and music of all genres. My favourite five LP’s currently are:

Ry Cooder being effortlessly brilliant: One of my favourite recordings.

“Bop Till You Drop” by Ry Cooder – Incredible roots music that includes folk, blues, gospel and more. It’s an early direct-to-disc recording that sounds as good as anything ever made. “Look At Granny Run” should be used for a Viagara ad!

This LP was released on (at least) 31 different Crown Wallpaper designs. I have this one.

“Do It Yourself” by Ian Dury & The Blockheads – It might be hard to make out some of the lyrics to this masterpiece (unless you are Cockney) but the non-stop grooves and wild ideas are relentless. I haven’t bored of this LP and I’ve played it off and on for most of my adult life!

Not just for kids!

“The Lollipop Tree” by Burl Ives. This is a seriously “trippy” kids album with some far out string arrangements. Another gem I have never tired of…and I’ve owned this one for as long as I can remember.

“33” by Alex Pangman. This recording was released as a CD last year and just came out on vinyl. I totally prefer the fidelity on the LP…not that there is anything wrong with the CD!…and this comes after she released a 45 and 78 in the past…so this was a logical move!

I’ll never forget the day Dick Hyman called me and said “I just got a check…from Beck!”

“The Electric-Eclectics of Dick Hyman” by Dick Hyman. Beck sampled it, a summer festival was named after it (, I’ve heard this music in “Chillout Rooms” in the early 90’s rave days. Dick was asked to make some Moog recordings after Walter (pre-Wendy) Carlos had a hit with “Switched on Bach”. Smart move!


1 Response to Music Tips

  1. mark macdonald says:

    Excellent blog James, Bop til You Drop was the very first digitally recorded and mixed rock album to my knowledge

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