About Bee

OB Original Bee

Yeah, that’s me, smiling from the get-go. I think I’ve always been a “people person” and somehow I’ve made a living doing what I love. Creating and entertaining, with a strong focus on music.

I work at JAZZ.FM91, (www.jazz.fm) a not-for-profit enterprise, where I am on-air host, concert producer and jazz tour guide. There will be plenty of stories about my jazz antics coming up in various blogs.

I also have a PR consulting firm called BULLHORN PR (www.bullhorn.ca) and send out a monthly newsletter of upcoming events I am either involved in or hired to promote.

I write plays, screenplays, songs and spend a lot of time lately on my pop project with Dave Howard, Sahra Featherstone, Great Bob Scott and a host of other friends called BONZAI SUZUKI. (www.bonzaisuzuki.com)

I am a very fortunate man and a feel the need to share the love with wild, joyous abandon!


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