We’re Having A Heatwave!

Thanks to Ken Davis for the crazy photo retouch.

Thanks to Ken Davis for the crazy photo retouch.

The weather has been so hot-humid-sticky, not to mention here-and-there-stormy …but Captain Paul and I have managed to get out on the lake a bunch this week.

1081293_10151842918393125_666261020_nNight sails have become a favourite pastime because I have no A/C at my loft. (I’m rarely home in summer so it’s never made my priority list. This is the first summer it’s been a bit of an issue.) IMG_1328When sailing in the evening I get the usual fresh air and friends, great tunes, but with a stunning sunset and lit up city for an added bonus!  After all that it is just a quick twenty minute bike ride home.

Queens Quay is a mess for the foreseeable future but aside from a few blocks of backed-up cars, it’s a breeze to cycle home. I go along the lake on a path, through the Ex and up to Liberty Village, West side! IMG_1314

Early this week I went sailing with Samantha Clayton and it was really nice and mellow. The conversation got animated by the time we hit Soho Club for a concert by Robi Botos, Kelly Jefferson and Jim Gelcer.IMG_1332

Later in the week I invited Shereen; a gal who has become a good friend in the last couple years. She took many of the photos used for my band Bonzai Suzuki and helped us with our “Unless We Success” Music Video.

Shereen brought along her two cute cousins. In the past I’ve met her sister and her aunt and I can say without hesitation I have never seen a better looking family on the planet. IMG_1348

I can’t wait to meet her mom and granny! We blasted tunes and had lots of laughs.IMG_1355

This beautiful girl works behind the camera. Crazy!

This beautiful girl works behind the camera. Crazy!

It’s nice to meet young girls who are so positive – they loved my taste in tunes and played me everything from modern pop to vintage Stones.

Captain DJ Sahar!

Captain DJ Sahar!

The gals took turns playing Captain and did a fine job at the helm.

On Saturday I met Alex Pangman and her husband Tom Parker for another sunset sail.

Tom and Moon.

Tom and Moon.

It is a rare treat to hang with both of them at the same time – and as they are both firecrackers the conversation was witty and sweet.

Not just cool, she's "Pangman Cool."

Not just cool, she’s “Pangman Cool.”

IMG_1401Alex did most of the sailing and it was surreal coming back with music wafting from various party boats and concerts along the lake, blending in with my soundtrack compilation of Ennio Morricone and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Groovy!

Mimico Sunset.

Mimico Sunset.

And, if you have never been to a murder mystery dinner theatre thingy…try it…it’s fun!

IMG_1397IMG_1391Oh and one more thing…Friday night I took Jessica Pelchat, (my awesome web designer who I highly recommend for biz cards, websites and party planning), went to Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre. The new show. Uptown Abbey. moves along at a pretty good clip, has the usual bevy of cornball jokes that seem to work and a cast who really seem to enjoy what they do. The food is always good and the ambience surreal. It’s worth the trip to Yonge and Davisville!

I've always had a thing for Miss Marple. Shhhh!

I’ve always had a thing for Miss Marple. Shhhh!

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