The JAZZ.FM91 Fall Jazz Appeal

Whew – what a week! I was talking for four hours at a stretch on 91.1 to raise money for the station and all we do. Having donors look after half our annual budget may seem illogical to some (I am used to explaining how it works at bars and clubs) but luckily enough people understand that programs like Jazz for Kids, The Youth Big Band, awarding scholarships and bursaries; none of it would be possible without our listeners coughing up some donations.King Arthur (a certain Arthur who prefers not to have his last name used) once again donated large and as usual hundreds signed up for jazz safaris. It’ll be a fun, busy New Year!

Chris Butcher from Heavyweights Brass Band dropped by to help us out on the air.

Sheena Beena came over while she was visiting Toronto and we had a great meal, way too much wine and some big laughs.

By Chapter 17 of Trapped In A Closet, we had our lighters out. EPIC!

I love things that are so bad they are good and this is so dreadful it’s brilliant (in spite of itself?). It started off kinda funny but got totally absurd. If anyone ever told me I’d look at more than one R Kelly video I’d say they were nuts. 

I had a great Friday night with Sahra Featherstone! We hit Gate 403 to see Denielle Bassels, a girl with a great voice and who also really knows how to write a tune.

Denielle Bassels…check her out as soon as you can!

Big Rude Jake dropped by and we did our usual scotch sampling.

Barbra Lica: Pitch Perfect and really really funny!

Saturday I went to Lambton Golf & Country Club after doing my radio show live. Sam Broverman and Barbra Lica performed their Tribute To Johnny Mercer and it was magnificent.

When he wasn’t singing up a storm, Sam Broverman gave some fascinating information about Johnny Mercer.

Glenn Anderson, George Koller, Tony Quarrington and David Restivo wowed the crowd. After that I beelined back to my loft where my neighbours were hosting a GOLD theme party.

Wearing the wrong colour to a theme party: Scandalous!

I arrived in my orange suit but quickly changed into more appropriate thematic garb. It turned out to be a very late night and the next morn it was back for one more afternoon of the Fund Drive.

Julie…so bee-ootiful!

My buddy Dani Elwell and I were joined by Wendy Lands…who on this day particularly reminded me of my sweet friend Audrey Nesbitt who works with me at Bullhorn PR. What a wild week…starting today (Monday) we are back to regular programming.

Audrey…I’m sure I can find a better photo as a Lands doppelganger!

Wendy Lands always does a fine job helping us raising money for JAZZ.FM91!

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