A Beautiful Week (on so many levels…)

Laura Kikauka and Sahra Featherstone digging the action in Parkdale Monday!

My week began and ended with my best friend, Sahra Featherstone. Monday she joined me for an afternoon hang followed by a night that began at The Old Mill Inn with Brian Barlow’s Tribute To Count Basie. Justin Bachus was the featured vocalist and he killed it. They felt loose and played tight….or is that felt tight and played loose? Whatever it was, The Count would’ve approved; they were right in the (corner) pocket all night.

Justin Bachus at The Old Mill Inn!

There was a late night show at Wrongbar in Parkdale that Gary Topp put together and I’m so glad I went.

Yoko Ono would be proud!

Yamatanka/Sonic Titan opened up the night…

The Dave Howard Singers (Dave with his trade mark beat box and Acetone organ) came up second and Lydia Lunch wrapped things up.

Dave Howard Singers…he sounded great!

I was up the next day for work on the morning show and then went back to the loft and prepared for a small party. I have a salon night once or twice a month…with hundreds of people I’d like to invite and only having room for a couple dozen, there are very few usual suspects.

Aleks and Megan were at the loft for the first time. Megan played a beautiful solo piano piece!

Except when it comes to music…Some have frequent party points. Tony Quarrington and Roger Clown started things off brilliantly. On this night some  performers included: Terra Hazelton, and saxophonist Bobby Hsu.

Amazing singers Danielle Bassels and Terra Hazelton wowed the crowd!

Peter Hill and Pam Hyatt did a couple numbers, and Jay Douglas blew everyone away with a terrific blues tune that also featured Chris Butcher on Trombone…so many vocalists…so much wine… Wednesday I took Elise LeGrow to a benefit for Childhood Cancer Foundation called The Purple Party. Arron Barberian introduced me to a bunch of wonderful people and the food and drink was fantastic! It was great to finally catch up with Elise who has been super busy recording new songs…her first CD is out now! 

On Thursday Sophia Perlman dropped by to help Heather Bambrick and I with our on-air fund drive at JAZZ.FM91, which goes by the name Fall Jazz Appeal. In the evening Barbra Lica showed up to help out. She sang a song in Japanese on the air and the phones started ringing. It’s so cool these talented young singers are so good on the air as talkers, as well as singers. Barbie came over after several hours on the air and we watched some You Tube Clips. 

Friday I took Marie and Zoe to Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre and caught their new show. The food is always excellent and the shows are funny and well written. Zoe solved the case…I’ve been to over a dozen shows in the last decade and I haven’t solved a crime yet but many of my dates have.

Barb Scheffler: Seriously Funny!

Saturday I had many angels to help me with the Fund Drive. As always, Laura Fernandez and I host four hours on Saturday during the Fund Drive and on this occasion Era Chorna, Sophia Perlman and Zoe Fine helped out. (I know six Zoe’s and two Zoey’s…what’s up with that?)

Donate Now to JAZZ.FM91 at http://www.jazz.fm or call 1-800-811-2400!

Laura, Era and Sophia all came back to my loft where I cooked up a storm…we drank wine and watched some cool vidz.

Sunday I was back on the air again (I do ten days straight) and finally in the evening I went to a Nick Drake Tribute at The Bathurst Street Theatre that featured a full band, string section and almost a dozen guest singers…it was a big production and the highlight for me was seeing Sahra Featherstone (SAHRA FEATHERSTONE WEBSITE) sing while playing harp and penny whistle (she also plays violin and flute in the show) and watching Kurt Swinghammer (SWINGHAMMERS SITE) with a couple guitars and a zillion sounds was incredible. Another wonderful week in the big city!

Sunday night I rarely go out on the town but I’m glad I made the exception becuase I got to enjoy her performing at Bathurst Stress Theatre!

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