I Might As Well Face It – I’m Addicted To Fun!

This week began with a brain storm…or is it a hare-brained scheme, I often confuse those two! If you read my blog last week (and if not, uh, it’s below!) I mentioned my extremely expensive sunglasses and how I purchased them while a bit tipsy. Monday I asked people around the office at JAZZ.FM91 to give me one dollar to try on my glasses…I took a photo of them and told them I’d send a copy. I figured in the next couple months I can easily have 400 people try on my glasses; hence they would pay for themselves. Then I thought, that’s a bit selfish, surely I can do more than just make my money back…and then it hit me:

In the month of September I will accept donations of any amount (one dollar minimum) and once I hit $400, everything goes to charity. (With some already offering $10-$50 for a shot this will happen in no time!) I will create a large collage made of tiny photos, frame it and donate it to JAZZ.FM91 for an auction in November to kick off the 91.1 Fund Drive. I will start the bidding at $400 myself, so if the idea doesn’t fly, I’m out the four hundred (again) but at least I had fun. I’m sure someone will pay more, and I will top up their amount with all the money I’ve raised after the initial four hundred.  If you want to have your photo taken you can drop by JAZZ.FM91 at 4 Pardee Avenue weekday mornings 9am-11am but please contact me first to make sure that I’ll be in. STAY TUNED…I’ll keep you posted!

Old friends unite at The Painted Lady on Ossington…a truly wondeful place to drink!

Monday night I hit Painted Lady for the Jef Farquharson (aka Jef  Vegas) and his open stage night. An old friend from the eighties, John Nijenuis, was visiting from Germany and many of his friends dropped by to say hi. Melleny Melody recorded music with John long ago and was thrilled to see him. Unbeknown to me she took my iPhone and filled it with pictures…my favourite was a shot of her  kicking ass on stage (before anyone actually performed.) She’s wild! My childhood friends, Clay Tyson and Bazl Salazar showed up and were in great spirits too. Painted Lady is always fun and Monday’s are a mish-mash of acts…from a rising star to utter “irritainment”…but I always have a great time on Ossington and this is one of my favourite haunts.

The MichiMin live in concert…just this once!

My old chums and I talked about the old days when we performed together in Bee People, then Look People and at one point as a band called “The MichiMin” … before we knew it we were on stage performing the songs “Apo Shosh” and “UniversAl” for the first time since 1984. The audience seemed to dig it but I’m sure we were having more fun than anyone!

Blue on Blu…crazy women giving away drinks on the golf course. I’m in!

Tuesday I attended at charity golf tournament at Pipers Heath Golf Club (http://pipersheath.com) with a new friend I met recently, Peter Clausi of GTA Resources and Mining (www.gtaresources.com). Peters pal, John, joined us. He was once a coach in High School and encouraged me;  helping me with the best game of golf I’ve ever played. (Still so handicapped I should get preferred parking, but it was a personal best at least!) I bee-lined from the golf game in Milton to Second City; where Gaye and Sylvia were patiently waiting for me. The new show is called “We’ve Totally (Probably) Got This” and while it’s not quite as funny as the past few it’s still a great night out, filled with laughs and some hilarious new cast members!

The adorably funny Jan Caruana (who I’ve known for years as a member of the sketch theme show Monkey Toast) enjoyed the new show at Second City…and my new glasses!

One of my favourite photographers (who did shots for my band Bonzai Suzuki) Shereen Mroueh, and her sister Nesreen, were all smiles after a terrific night of comedy! Shereen is at http://www.artistsasylum.com

Being opening night there were many famous comedians and actors in the house. I had a Mark Breslin sighting (he’s the founder of Yuk Yuk’s and one of my best friends) but he was across the room and I didn’t have a chance to get his thoughts on the show. Mark does a weekly film review column in Metro with Richard Crouse (http://metronews.ca/author/richardandmark) and not since Siskel and Egbert have I been so entertained by movie reviews!

Alex Pangman, Barbra Lica and Dave Howard agree with me that Odysseo is an unforgettable, brilliant show!

Wednesday it was back to Cavalia’s Odysseo one last time before it leaves town for good.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Andy is the publicist for Cavalia and had too go to Mexico to do advance publicity. We miss him already!

This troupe of acrobats, horses and their trainers is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and it runs until Sept. 9th.  Tickets might be pricey but the memory you’ll have makes this totally worth it!

If Laura Desiree invites you to an event she is producing…GO!

After going backstage to visit the horses we made our way to The Bovine Sex Club (for those of you not in Toronto, it’s not an actual sex club) for a big party hosted by Laura Desiree. The Beatles tribute band of the musical “Back Beat” performed while burlesque dancers packed the stage.  Good times!

Rosita, Gaye, Andrea and Sahra!

Thursday I had a long day on Lake Ontario…the first bit was way out but the waves were so big that one of my guests thought she’d get sick so we came back in to the harbor and putted around the island.

Sahra, Andrea and I are ready to march with Heavyweights Brass Band with our kazoos!

Friday I went out for a night sail and noticed several boats that are available for rent were in really bad shape. I rarely bitch, but I think Ontario or Toronto Tourism should tell these people to buy a bucket of paint – no wonder lake cruise party rentals are declining – I wouldn’t rent something that dirty! Saturday I finally went back to a restaurant I first discovered when I first moved to Toronto in the early eighties.

Nothing fancy…but I’m from North Bay and this place feels like Pinehill Coffee Shop when I was a kid!

Harry’s is a hidden gem; a full-on greasy spoon that is friendly and timeless. If it wasn’t for my neighbour Cheryl telling me about it, I never would’ve remembered where it was! I had an omelet and then jumped on my bike and cycled to Oakville. I passed a big old house in Mimico that I once wanted to live in. Speaking of Monkey Toast earlier, they once did a really funny skit that convinced me not to move out of Liberty Village.

What was once Casa Mendoza is now a hole waiting for yet another condo.

I almost got this place a few years ago, but plenty of drama ensued when a so-called friend insisted I give him money to get the contact info of the landlord. I said “no”, lost his number and found a great place in Liberty Village. Ta Da!

Mostly I took “the path” which is very scenic but I did take a wrong turn a few times. At one point, I was going up a bridge with no paved shoulder and saw the Gardiner…I knew this was dangerous and illegal and turned around.

…as opposed to towns where drinking and driving is encourage?

I actually went South to Oakville which makes no sense at all. For those of you who enjoy a 2-3 hour ride one way, this is the route I should’ve taken: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/402273

Claudette’s has two awesome daughters…Biz who is studying in Switzerland and Marieve who is singing and acting in Hollywood!

Upon my arrival Claudette had cold white wine and veggies to nibble on. A couple hours in the pool allowed me to stretch out my legs (which weren’t actually sore, but I’m sure they would’ve been in a few hours) and we had a delicious BBQ.  I met Claudette while producing her daughters CD, “Blossoming”. Check her out: MARIEVE’S WEBSITE

all bike parts – no welding or glue – cool!

Sunday I made plans to help my neighbour, the always awesome Mike Schram, to have an art show for his sculptures. I know Schram as a spoken word artist but in the past few months he’s been obsessed with making birds and animals out of bike parts.

Schram makes art in all sizes. I’ll be sure to post in my blog as soon as I know where his art show will be!

Everyone I know wants to buy one but he really wants a show first. Stay tuned for news on that.

Sunday I took in the CNE. I hit The Ex once a year…and that’ll do just fine. There are a few favourite rides but I really like the fringe stuff like the acrobats and dancers from around the world, the sand sculptures, tribute bands, talent contests, petting zoo and even the vegetable contest. Watching experts judging gourds is exhilarating. OK, maybe not exhilarating, but oddly exciting in a “what year is this and where are we?” kind of way.

Monday (That’s this eve!)…8pm Dakota Tavern for a mariachi band and to wish Alex Pangman a happy b-day. 9pm Loft 404 at 263 Adelaide for a concert/party for Andrea Ramolo‘s b-day. A double treat!!! Also a film fest party, Bonzai Suzuki songwriting night and some jazz safaris. And don’t forget – if you want to have a photo taken with my glasses that will end up in a piece of art this fall, you can contact me at jaymzbee@jazz.fm and arrange to drop by…with your donation of any amount from $1 to $1,000,000.00 (I will not accept over a million dollars for the photo of you and my pricey shades.)

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