An Eclectic Weekend!

“Tell my why I don’t mind Mondays…”

Andrea Ramolo and Sahra Featherstone both returned to Toronto after their respective tours…and what a perfect way to start off my week: Sailing with both of them!

Captain Ramolo and First Mate Featherstone can come sail anytime!

Sahra has been sailing with me for over a decade but this is Andrea’s first year and it just so happens that every time she comes out we have sunny skies and lots of wind! I also invited a friend from Face Book. I’ve known Zoey’s sister for ages but it was our mutual love of the mythological character Medusa that first bonded us. Circus acrobatics came a close second for me.

Zoey loved her first time sailing experience!

She felt right at home playing Captain for a while and we ended up staying out a long time because the weather/music and company was so perfect! Six hours flies by when you are having fun on the water!

I got back to the mainland just in time to hop on my bike and beeline to the big white circus tent in The Portlands to meet Jessica Pelchat.

Jessica loved Odysseo!

We were greeted by Andy, a fabulous L.A. publicist with a wicked sense of humour who explained that all food and drink was free in the VIP area. I was already grateful that I got to see one of my favourite shows twice…Cavalia’s Odysseo combines circus acrobats, African dancers and talented horses in a ginormous air conditioned tent…and it’s on till the end of the month! The first time I saw the show I was mesmerized and knew I would never forget it. I took Mary B. and we both thought it was the best show ever, despite being in seats farthest from the action.

JAZZ.FM91 staff and contest winners enjoyed the royal treatment and backstage tour after the show!

This time we were third row, which allowed for a completely different experience. It was more fun to look up close at the horses and their trainers…but seeing all the action from the far away made the big action stuff more impressive. I’m glad I went twice and MAYBE I’ll go one more time and sit in the middle!

My buddy Dane picked me up in his Dune Buggy and we blasted off to Palais Royale for lunch on the terrace. Every Wednesday they have a unique lunch offered – a serve yourself buffet, where you walk right in to the kitchen, fill up a plate and then return your plates and cups to the kitchen at the end. By having you do half the work the price is a mere ten bucks (or more – it’s by donation with $10 being minimum) and all the money goes to charity. I first met Dane when his band, Dick Duck & The Dorks  shared a bill at The Copa in 1986 with my band, Look People. It’s not like I remember all my concerts from the eighties; but that one was particularly memorable!

EE Veteran Paul Barbour and I setting up camp

The Electric-Eclectics Festival (EE7) is something I’ve enjoyed for six of their seven years. (I missed year one for a very good reason: I was in Zurich partying with the Rolling Stones!) Ever since that first year, I’ve made it a point to not make any other plans and each year I’ve gone up with Paul Barbour with some great gals who join us for an unforgettable adventure.

So many great friends on one farm! 

We drove up in an RV and set up tents around it…some might call it “Cheater Camping” but I’ve become accustomed to creature comforts and love knowing I can whip up a great cocktail or decent meal easily!

I love making Face Salads…then naming them and giving them voices!

As we set up our camp, many friends dropped by to say hello. (Even though there are over 400 people at The Funny Farm, it’s really easy to spot the RV.)

Great Bob, Longo Hai and Frank Squid arrived early at EE7!

I lost my camera by the end of night one. I was only a little upset because I had the distinct feeling it would be found and returned. It was my new iPhone but unfortunately I couldn’t remember what names and codes I used to set it up so I couldn’t use the “find it” app and looked for it the old fashioned way…with my eyes. I found it the next night…so not only did I save hundreds of dollars but I also  got to keep all my photos from the past week!

My fit friend and I checked out an installation before it was fully set-up. (More pics will be added soon, so you can see what it actually looked like!)

Funny Farm sunset on Scotch Mountain.

While I didn’t get photos of the various acts at The Funny Farm, that certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Alexander Dupuis from Rhode Island and Happy Valley Band from New York were my two favourite acts of the fest.

Funny Farm’s Laura Kikauka greets me and my special camping guests, Kiran and Sylvia!

During the day we went to the beach…it was a long drive to Hope Beach but when you are in an RV blasting tunes you basically feel like you are in a floating living room. The water was cold but just fine…and after playing a game of Checkers in the shade, I was reminded why I love Chess so much!

What a great weekend! I discovered Sylvia is seriously into all kinds of awesome music – and got to spend a ton of quality time with Kiran who has been one of my best friends for many years. It also meant a lot that so many friends (including some of my hip neighbours in Liberty Village) drove all the way out to check out a festival with a dozen bands they’d never heard of. Nobody regretted the trip – it’s always a blast and I already look forward to next year!

2am and we’re just getting started!

I love my large tent, complete with mattress, massage table and trippy lights!

We got back Sunday and I was really happy to do absolutely nothing – sometimes nothing is really quite something!

Please come visit this BLOG again in a few days and I will add photos of some bands, beach and stuff that others will be sending me.

My brother is in town, I’ll be hitting some jazz festivals and the usual cycling, sailing and other adventures to report! Stop by next Monday if you dare, care or want me to share!

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