Unison Benefit and Being Seriously Outnumbered On A Boat

I began this past week spending most of my free time writing. I also made time for a quiet dinner and a movie with a special friend on Monday and again on Tuesday. I know people spend more time one-on-one than partying all the time but for me it’s the opposite: I need to plan mellow evenings and I really treasure them. I decided years ago that I need to be careful not to take the people I love for granted, and making time for close friends was a perfect way to start my week.

i had fun emceeing and singing at Delta Chelsea Hotel at Monarch’s Pub.

Wednesday, I hosted a benefit for Unison Benevolent Fund (www.unisonfund.ca) at The Delta Chelsea Hotel. We raised $1,400 from the night and Robert Saxe took some great shots. The hotel features live music three nights (8pm to midnight) a week and there is never a cover: Jazz on Wednesday, blues on Thursday and rock on Friday. Meanwhile, if you have never donated to Unison Fund you can always do it on line. It’s easy!

Genevieve Marentette and JP Saxe sang with Robert Scott Trio (featuring Great Bob Scott and Lee Hutchinson)…also other surprise guests. A very fun night!

Friday and Saturday I hosted jazz safaris and they were great fun. Taking 20 JAZZ.FM91 donors (www.jazz.fm) is something I’ve been enjoying for six years…and whether it is taking people to see great live jazz in Havana, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Monterey or Toronto – I never get bored!

One World Trio are a unique ensemble who blend Indian, African and other genres of world music – I’ve known Bruce Cassidy a long time and this band is a wonderful way for him to show off his skills on his EVI, Electronic Valve Instrument.

The only downside is now that I am used to hitting five clubs in a night with a designated driver, I find it a bit lame to only hit one or two clubs on a non-safari night, without a large group of friends and paying for my taxis instead of having a free bus. I’ve gotten pretty spoiled, I admit!

Laura really enjoyed the jazz safari Friday night!

Mary makes a sassy Cowgirl!

There are so many great venues for jazz and later this month I will add a MUSIC VENUE page to this blog that will describe all of my favourite haunts in town.

Mary and I find any excuse to start busting a move. I look like I have to pee…it’s a new move I swear I just invented!

Out-numbered and quite pleased about that!

Sunday it poured…not rain…women! Captain Paul and I invited some girls down…normally you invite eight and three or four are free but on Sunday 7 out of 8 showed up!

I’ve never met a Jessica I didn’t like…

It was a busy boat but new friendships were made and it was one of the most relaxing sails of 2012. Boating, cycling and walking around Toronto Island makes me never want to leave Toronto in the summer.

Moi haha, wait – I forgot the rope – d’oah!

Serious about not being serious. What a huge, detailed book about how to party!

Mother Nature has been very good to us lately and Sunday was one of the most effortless sails (not crazy but moving at a nice clip) ever! I realize this month there isn’t much to write about but that’s because I’ve been knee-deep in a writing project that I can tell you about later. Meanwhile this week I look forward to hitting some Fringe plays, going horseback riding, sailing and of course some more Jazz Safaris on the weekend. Never a dull moment!

Heads Up! At the end of this month, on Saturday September 28th my good friend Pam Hyatt will record a CD with Peter Hill on piano. Pam is a pistol…in her mid-seventies this lady sings clever ditties, beautiful ballads and performs outrageous monologues, my favourite being the disgruntled Wall Mart employee tirade. If you want to be in the studio (limited to 30 people) and enjoy a glass of wine while watching her do the show live at Canterbury Sound, the next 20 who donate at $100 each will get to attend and will get a free signed CD and a ticket to the launch party in November at Hugh’s Room. Donating any amount is helpful and will get you a disc. Info at http://www.rockethub.com/projects/7474-pamalot

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